dani katz on tumeric and flexibility and diet

I wanna add something, to the last post on Dani’s teeth healing story.


In a facebook email exchange she wrote me this:

” hi puijo. what a sweet and encouraging message to discover here in my inbox!!! thank you so much. i’m glad my little offerings are resonating. as for diet, i stick to whole foods – all organic, nothing processed. no meat, wheat, sugar, soy or dairy. lots of leafy greens and avocados. cultured vegetables. that sort of thing. i tend toward very simple foods. i put tumeric in most everything as it’s an excellent anti-inflammatory, and – as an ex-gymnast – i find it very supportive for my physiological structure. i believe diet is key – first and foremost – above all other spiritual practices. feed the body clean, high-vibing, nutrient-rich foods….aaaahhhh…YES.

sending warm wishes from the snow!! dani “

Today i asked her on Raw food

“yes. i have been 100% raw, which i found too rigid for me. these days i like to mix it up – more raw in warmer months and climates.”

what she answered me today.

Best wishes to you all out there lots of love to all of us and kind wishes


Heal teeth with eggshells and comfrey – Interview with Dani Katz

This interview is with Dani Katz. Dani is an artist who draws cartoons, writes and explores the magical sparks  of languge. I found her over her video on healing teeth with comfrey and eggshells. You find the video here

I asked Dani a bunch of quesitons. Here comes her respond:

Yes, when I was told I had infected, receding gums, I started coating my dental floss with tea tree oil, and the infection cleared up within less than a week. I also engaged a morning oil-pulling regimen wherein I swished with a heaping tablespoon of unrefined, virgin coconut oil in my mouth for twenty minutes first thing in the morning. Because my gums were infected, I added wild oregano oil to the coconut oil for the first three days of the practice to help kill any bacteria lurking in my mouth. When I went back to the dentist 6 months later, she informed me that my gums were perfectly healthy.

I regrew four decaying teeth, which the dentist wanted to drill and fill, by eating eggshells and swishing with comfrey root. My friend, Ross, eats eggs daily, so I asked him to start saving the shells for me. He quickly collected quite a few, which I put in a large pot with water and brought to a boil to kill off any lingering chicken bacteria. I then put them in the oven on low heat to dry completely, and then grinded them in the spice grinder until they were pulverized into a fine powder. I add a half teaspoon of eggshell powder to my smoothies ever morning. I have no plans to stop, as I am clear that the eggshells help strengthen my existing teeth.

I purchased dried comfrey root at the health food store. I added two tablespoons to a quart of water and, after bringing it to a boil, let it simmer for half an hour. I then strained the tea, and transferred it to a large container, which I kept in the refrigerator. Every night before bed, for two months, I swished a large mouthful of comfrey root tea in my mouth. Because comfrey root is taxing on the liver, I stopped after two months. If I were to get another cavity, or manifest some sort of bone issue, I would start swishing again, because I am clear that it is a very effective tool.

Nine months later, I still do oil pulling when I wake up, and I still eat an eggshell a day. As far as what motivates me to stick with the protocol, I am used to maintaining a handful of daily practices, including meditation and yoga. I consider myself a very disciplined person, which I learned growing up as a competitive gymnast. I believe in showing up whole-heartedly for my life, and that means taking excellent care of myself – of this body, this heart, this mind and this spirit. Because I am so sensitive, and am very connected to my body, and I can feel how supportive it is for me to meditate, to exercise daily, to get enough rest and to eat healthy, the effort that these things take is well worth it for me to feel as good as I can feel in my body, and to be as effective as possible in all my days.

I prefer to take my self-care and my health into my own hands because I know myself better than any doctor or healer possibly could. And, I believe in the healing power of food and plants and herbs, and prefer to put my trust in Mother Nature, than in chemicals and pharmaceutical companies. I also believe in miracles, limitless potential and my body’s ability to heal anything of its own accord. As such, when I was told I had four cavities, I decided to engage as much research as possible, and to put in the effort to regrow my teeth, because that made more sense to me than to have my teeth permanently drilled away. I asked myself: Would I rather have four whole teeth, or four fillings? The answer was a no-brainer, and so I engaged this process, inspired by the idea of healing my mouth and optimizing my teeth and gums without the disempowering (and costly) process the dentist was recommending.

Yes, I do think that joy, laughing, hugs and friends are important to healing anything and everything, and having the support of my friends who were fascinated by my process definitely encouraged me to keep going and to see what I could accomplish with the right tools and a positive mindset.

On this end of it, and whenever I take my healing into my hands, I feel empowered by the journey, and inspired by the simple perfection of easy-to-gather tools like eggshells and comfrey root that neither harm the earth nor my body, while helping to regrow healthy, happy teeth.

My website is www.somethingdani.com
My facebook page is Dani Katz


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