dani katz on tumeric and flexibility and diet

I wanna add something, to the last post on Dani’s teeth healing story.


In a facebook email exchange she wrote me this:

” hi puijo. what a sweet and encouraging message to discover here in my inbox!!! thank you so much. i’m glad my little offerings are resonating. as for diet, i stick to whole foods – all organic, nothing processed. no meat, wheat, sugar, soy or dairy. lots of leafy greens and avocados. cultured vegetables. that sort of thing. i tend toward very simple foods. i put tumeric in most everything as it’s an excellent anti-inflammatory, and – as an ex-gymnast – i find it very supportive for my physiological structure. i believe diet is key – first and foremost – above all other spiritual practices. feed the body clean, high-vibing, nutrient-rich foods….aaaahhhh…YES.

sending warm wishes from the snow!! dani “

Today i asked her on Raw food

“yes. i have been 100% raw, which i found too rigid for me. these days i like to mix it up – more raw in warmer months and climates.”

what she answered me today.

Best wishes to you all out there lots of love to all of us and kind wishes


Heal teeth with eggshells and comfrey – Interview with Dani Katz

This interview is with Dani Katz. Dani is an artist who draws cartoons, writes and explores the magical sparks  of languge. I found her over her video on healing teeth with comfrey and eggshells. You find the video here

I asked Dani a bunch of quesitons. Here comes her respond:

Yes, when I was told I had infected, receding gums, I started coating my dental floss with tea tree oil, and the infection cleared up within less than a week. I also engaged a morning oil-pulling regimen wherein I swished with a heaping tablespoon of unrefined, virgin coconut oil in my mouth for twenty minutes first thing in the morning. Because my gums were infected, I added wild oregano oil to the coconut oil for the first three days of the practice to help kill any bacteria lurking in my mouth. When I went back to the dentist 6 months later, she informed me that my gums were perfectly healthy.

I regrew four decaying teeth, which the dentist wanted to drill and fill, by eating eggshells and swishing with comfrey root. My friend, Ross, eats eggs daily, so I asked him to start saving the shells for me. He quickly collected quite a few, which I put in a large pot with water and brought to a boil to kill off any lingering chicken bacteria. I then put them in the oven on low heat to dry completely, and then grinded them in the spice grinder until they were pulverized into a fine powder. I add a half teaspoon of eggshell powder to my smoothies ever morning. I have no plans to stop, as I am clear that the eggshells help strengthen my existing teeth.

I purchased dried comfrey root at the health food store. I added two tablespoons to a quart of water and, after bringing it to a boil, let it simmer for half an hour. I then strained the tea, and transferred it to a large container, which I kept in the refrigerator. Every night before bed, for two months, I swished a large mouthful of comfrey root tea in my mouth. Because comfrey root is taxing on the liver, I stopped after two months. If I were to get another cavity, or manifest some sort of bone issue, I would start swishing again, because I am clear that it is a very effective tool.

Nine months later, I still do oil pulling when I wake up, and I still eat an eggshell a day. As far as what motivates me to stick with the protocol, I am used to maintaining a handful of daily practices, including meditation and yoga. I consider myself a very disciplined person, which I learned growing up as a competitive gymnast. I believe in showing up whole-heartedly for my life, and that means taking excellent care of myself – of this body, this heart, this mind and this spirit. Because I am so sensitive, and am very connected to my body, and I can feel how supportive it is for me to meditate, to exercise daily, to get enough rest and to eat healthy, the effort that these things take is well worth it for me to feel as good as I can feel in my body, and to be as effective as possible in all my days.

I prefer to take my self-care and my health into my own hands because I know myself better than any doctor or healer possibly could. And, I believe in the healing power of food and plants and herbs, and prefer to put my trust in Mother Nature, than in chemicals and pharmaceutical companies. I also believe in miracles, limitless potential and my body’s ability to heal anything of its own accord. As such, when I was told I had four cavities, I decided to engage as much research as possible, and to put in the effort to regrow my teeth, because that made more sense to me than to have my teeth permanently drilled away. I asked myself: Would I rather have four whole teeth, or four fillings? The answer was a no-brainer, and so I engaged this process, inspired by the idea of healing my mouth and optimizing my teeth and gums without the disempowering (and costly) process the dentist was recommending.

Yes, I do think that joy, laughing, hugs and friends are important to healing anything and everything, and having the support of my friends who were fascinated by my process definitely encouraged me to keep going and to see what I could accomplish with the right tools and a positive mindset.

On this end of it, and whenever I take my healing into my hands, I feel empowered by the journey, and inspired by the simple perfection of easy-to-gather tools like eggshells and comfrey root that neither harm the earth nor my body, while helping to regrow healthy, happy teeth.

My website is www.somethingdani.com
My facebook page is Dani Katz


Thanks for reaching out, Niko. I hope this was helpful.

here on Dani’s blog you find more info on her teeth healing

Interview with Ginger Robinson



Everyone searching for teeth regrow on the internet catching your story of teeth regrow. It was like this a part of your tooth broke of and it grow back on a fast?

Yes. I was about 9 or 10 years old when I chipped one of my front teeth by diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool. Over the years whenever I went to dentists, they would attempt to talk me into having it filled back in and fixed. It didn’t cause me any pain and I do not enjoy goin to dentists, so I always said no thanks. I did not know it was possible for it to heal itself. One day I was fasting a few years ago when I noticed it had filled back in. You can’t even tell it was ever gone!

A fast with superfoods and ormus gold and medicinal mushrooms:

Yes. I had been studying David Avocado Wolfe’s work for some time and incorporating as much superfoods and medicinal herbs and specific concentrated nutrients such as Ormus Gold, various medicinal mushrooms, Zeolites, and many others that he recommends.

Ormus Gold is often mentionend with Teeth regrow? How dou got on Ormus Gold?

It is interesting to me that I was not trying to re-grow my tooth at all, I never really paid it much mind except that I had pretty much trained myself not to smile in such a way that it would show. I knew I could heal my own cavities in my teeth, as it was my strong belief even before doing any of my research on the subject. I have healed a total of 4 cavities in my life. One was not on purpose, 3 were very much healed with the intent to do so. I also have 3 metal fillings that I have had since I was very young, that are starting to fall out over the past few years. I am looking forward to re-growing the teeth they were placed in as well.

Which Ormus Product have you been using?

I have been through a couple of the big bottles of Ormus Gold that David Wolfe used to have available online. Ormus is also found in foods, for example aloe vera, as well. I plan to either build or buy a good Ormus trap for my water too.



What is so special with ormus Gold?

It is all about life force energy & consciousness, to sum it up. It also has remarkable healing properties. There has been much research done on Ormus minerals including but not limited to Ormus Gold. You can find sites dedicated to it and ways to make it and you can find a great deal of information even on youtube. I highly recommend investing the time to read up on this this amazing substance. Here are a couple paragraphs I would like to share from the Natural News Website:

“Ormus is a superconductor. These elements resonate with the primal energy, the zero point from which all life originates and which is a quantum potential of possibilities. Ormus is one with this endless source of energy, which can be found in the air, the soil, plants, stones and the sea. Hudson even showed by dissecting animal brains that they too contained Ormus. According to Hudson our brains contain at least 5% Ormus. This percentage can be raised considerably if we take in food and water with a high Ormus content.

It is exactly these foods that are so sadly lacking today. Hudson refers to Ormus as ‘the light of life’ and ‘the Spirit’. He claims it not only makes us more spiritual but that it’s capable of correcting DNA too. Now think of the experiments the alchemists carried out in which they tried to change metals into gold and made a white powder out of gold. The church persecuted, tortured and killed these people. What did they know that we’re not supposed to know? The ancient Egyptians also knew. Gold has always been the true money and has remained so to this day. But the true value of gold may well be medicinal and spiritual instead of material.”

Learn more:http://www.naturalnews.com/022705_Ormus_healing_medicinal.html#ixzz2FiAnw7ii

In an Interview you posted on your facebook wall with Rebecca, you mentioned your fasting path. Fasting is also mentioned with teeth healing. How do you discovered fasting?

Fasting is an amazing tool and goes hand in hand with healing in most siturations. When I became interested in the raw food lifestyle I devoured any information I could get my hands on. The topic of fasting and inner cleansing kept coming up in the information I was taking in. I was instantly drawn to it and felt it was part of my path. It strongly resonated with me.

How can people come comfortable with fasting?

Fasting can bring up fear in many people as an initial reaction. This is understandable, in our society we focus heavily on food. Through seeking understanding and keeping an open mind, people can become more comfortable with the idea of abstaining from food for a time. Until you actually experience a fast for yourself though, it can be difficult for many people to truly feel good about it. Our society is pretty uncomfortable with the idea of skipping a meal, let alone going without food for a day or more. We all hear about these great minds throughout history that have fasted 40 days and 40 nights, such as Gandhi, Jesus and many others. Many scriptures and religions teach that fasting is central to the journey to Enlightenment. Yet we tend to think that only these certain amazing people are capable of doing such a thing. When in fact, they are showing us our own potential.

What to do when getting anxiety or unclear mind or a feeling of loosing yourself?

I remind myself that it is simply stuff coming up for me to process & release. I understand that my emotional and spiritual body as well as my physical body has been holding on to things that are now being cleansed and healed. I also know that it comes in cycles where you feel less then great right before you physically release layers of built up gunk in the body. Soon as it leaves the body you feel light and clear and amazing energy. Then the process repeats as your body digs up all the unwanted gunk that collects over a lifetime. After the first few fasts, these cycles become milder as your body becomes clearer and cleaner.


What is so touching for you when doing fast? And what inner images keep you on the the track when doing a fast?

I suppose I am lucky in this regard as I am not tempted to eat when I am fasting. I have gotten to the point where I sometimes even accidental fast. It just kinda happens and is what my body craves at times. I can go a week without even feeling like I missed a meal. Even on my longest fast to date I was never once actually hungry. I fasted on liquids for 33 days that time and only ended it because I wanted to create new raw food dishes and in order to do that I had to taste them. I was in hyper-creative mode and I honored that. My body also prefers dry fasting for the most part and will often not let me even drink water. I also very much enjoy fasting on Thanksgiving, my birthday, and other times when it is a time of celebration. I have gone out to lunch with family & friends to my favorite restaurants and fasted while they ate and attempted to persuade me to eat too. I am not tempted at all and my body has zero cravings even seeing & smelling my favorite foods my body does not want them. I enjoy them just as much through smell and I do not need to actually taste them because I already know whet they taste like.

In my own story i focused a lot on food and later noticed that emotional and social and spiritual things are very important. i think music is one of the moist healing thing out there.

What do you think on this?

Yes absolutely I agree with you. I first became interested in the physical aspect of being which then led to the less tangible things. I do not think it is possible to only focus on one aspect because it is all enter-twined. What we do physically has a direct impact on our spiritual and emotional self and visa versa. As you become more in tune with your spirit, you naturally change the physical both in and around you. Music is so amazing and sound is a very powerful tool for healing and consciousness. Music comes out of sacred geometry, from the Egg of Life. This structure forms the basis for music, as the distances between the spheres is identical to the distances between the tones and the half tones in music. There is still a great deal of music still to uncover that can be discovered through studying sacred geometry. Music is information and when mathematically arranged it can be very powerful indeed. It effects us on deep levels. It changes our frequency.

What your favorite sounds and songs?

Pretty much anything that makes me feel. I love nature sounds such as rain and fire and forest sounds. I especially love positive and uplifting music. I love music with a good beat. I actually enjoy every type of music at different times, though not every song or artist. I can go from rap to country to techno to metal to jazz to dubstep to oldies to bluegrass and more. There is something to like about all of it and I hold no musical prejudices.

Ultrasound has been reported with teeth regrow and bone healing. The purring of Cats and the use of a Lipus ultrasound massage device.

Do you have andy conection to Ultrasound or healing vibration.

Yes. Everything in this universe is frequency & vibration. When you match the frequency of what you desire, you become it. Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound has been shown to re-grow missing teeth. I have yet to play around with this technology myself yet, but I definitely believe it works. My fiancé has re-grown a missing tooth on his own without external assistance, so I can imagine the device would speed up the healing process, especially when combined with the right nutrition.

Have you heard other stories from people having teeth healing or teeth regrow?

Not personally besides myself and my fiancé but I have read about it. I started researching the topic after my own tooth healed.

How do you brush your teeth or what is your tooth hygene routine?

I use a natural bristle toothbrush instead of plastic. It works better and feels better then the plastic bristled toothbrushes. Usually I just brush with water. Sometimes I use cold pressed neem oil or Toothsoap, Gum Joy Oil, various herbal tinctures I have seen at health food stores etc. I don’t have set times I brush, except when I take a shower I keep an extra brush in there, I just do whenever I feel like it needs it. I also use a Water-Pik which I sometimes add a drop of tincture or wheatgrass or neem too. I use the Water-Pik more often then I brush, sometimes a few times a day even. It’s like flossing with water. I also floss with a natural floss usually with Tea Tree Oil, Cranberry or whatever one sounds good at the health stores when I run out. I have recently started Oil Pulling regularly and am going to experiment with what oil or combination of oil I like best. Right now I am using a raw cold pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil.

In a way of mentorship, do you think there is rolemodels in your life which help you keeping and finind the right track in your life?

I draw inspiration from so many people but one person really stands out for me and that is David Wolfe. I resonate strongly with his teachings and I have always felt a deep connection like i’ve known him in many, if not every lifetime. He awoken me to my path and continues to inspire me and just thinking of him reminds me fully who I am.

Do you have any diet experience with Teeth? Diets you feel or think benefit your Teeth?

I feel that anything as close to it’s natural design is best not just for teeth, but for us in general. Things that are wild grown, high in minerals and eaten fresh are ideal. More ‘primitive’ diets are best for teeth. Modern diet is geared not towards health, but rather taste sensation & convienience.

People often reffer on Weston Price and the use of animal food high in fatsoluble vitamins? Do you eat any animal products?

I do at times. I like prefer high quality raw animal foods. I cannot eat them heavilly, and I often go months or longer without having any, but I do include some at times. My favorites so far are raw fish, cheese, bison.

People also menitoned in Westzon Price Book ” nutrition and Physical Degeneration” are having a very active senseful life. Going outside, hunting, time with the family… Do you think Diet is often overrated? and the real problem lays in family, your friends, deep relationship and meaningful work, conection with the soil….

I do not feel one is more important then the other, I feel we need to balance the whole. If you are not healthy, you won’t have as much time or energy or insight etc to offer your friends & family and to really enjoy all that life has to offer. So diet is important. Especially for those who already have health issues that limit them. It is not selfish to take care of the body and focus strongly on that for a time in order to correct whatever health challenge is manifesting. Once you bring yourself into a healthier state of being then you may find you don’t pay so much attention to diet and instead spend more of your energy focusing on living life and enjoying all your relationships. Your diet, while still important, isn’t something you have to put much thought or energy into because now eating healthy becomes an automatic thing, as you just naturally reach for better quality foods. Now, the opposite is also true. If you are so focused on family & friends and enjoyment of life, you tend to value your life more and want to live longer & healthier so that, in time, motivates you to choose a healthier way of being. You see this frequently with celebrities who don’t want to get taken out early from some terrible disease so they go all out in every way they know of to live longer. Some are driven to health because they wish to remain vital and beautiful as long as possible too. When life is good, you don’t want that to stop.

Any book you can reffer in the case of teeth healing or health speaker or website?

You will find a page on my site dedicated to sharing information where I have been collecting links and articles and videos so that it is easy to find a variety of options all in one place. I am always adding to it as I find more. I also share my story there and what I was doing and eating when my tooth grew back in, and when my cavities healed.


What is your website and where people find more about you?

My site is www.TheRawPath.com and I am on facebook at /TheRawPathGinger

Do you wanna add anything to this interview?

I would like to add that the power of mind and focus is important. Yes, I healed a tooth without being conscious of trying to actually heal it, but at the same time my mindset was not on the tooth getting worse or staying the same or anything about it. I let it go and did not give it much thought. This released any resistance there could have been if I was trying and not seeing fast results. The observing of the lack of something keeps it from manifesting. If you can focus on your tooth or whatever it is for you being ok, now, you release resistance and allow the energy of wellness, now.

What will you do at Christmas… Will you fast?

I fasted for almost 2 weeks in the beginning of December. It was wonderful because my fiancé joined me. We were devouring information insted of food! Lots of fun! 🙂

Interview mit Lilith Milkyway

Interview mit X alias Lilith Milkyway. Über ihre Zahnprobleme, Zahnheilung und wie sie damit umging.


Bild von vor ein paar wochen (Inteview vom 18 Januar 2013 )

Was fandest du als Ursache?

Bei Rohveganer Ernährung : Mangel an Vitamin B 12 und auch den anderen B Vitaminen als Stadtbewohner hatte ich davon zu wenig.
Mangel an Zink und Selen. Diese braucht der Körper um Zahnmaterial selbst zu bauen aus dem vorhandenen Mineralien. Auch Übersäuerung- demineralisierung durch zu viel Früchte und zu wenig altes wildes Grün wie Grühnkohl z.b.

Wie bist du dem Begegnet? Was hast du darauf gemacht?

Rocky montains flüssige Mineralien, grühe Lehmerde, Multimineralpräparate wie z.B. Orthomol, Mehr grüne Säfte.

Wenn Heilung aus verschiedenen Teilen besteht.
Einem Sozialem, Freunde Familie…Umgebung, Hobbies. Einem Spirituellem, Ritualle, eine Sinnvolle Tätigkeit, Kontakt zur Natur, eine Gemeinschaft, ein Sinn im Leben, Fürsorge und leben der eigenen Visionen und Gefuehle.
Und einem Körperlichen, Bewegung und Ernaehrung.

sich durchsetzen” durchbeissen stoppen-aufhören zu kämpfen, mehr visualisieren, selbstliebe, Positivität, klare visionen verfolgen.

Welcher Teil ist für dich der Wichtigste?

<<Loslassen, vertrauen, visualisieren , liebe (-:

Bist du eine Rohkoestlerin?

Ja 1991- 1994 95 % seit 2004 100% seit 2009 meistens 95 % wenn ich jedoch Hunger auf Getreide bekomme( selten)- Frischkornmüsli oder gutes Bio Demeter Vollkornbrot, gebe ich dem nach- instinktive Ernährung vegetarisch/ vegan.I. je nachdem wie es mir geht gesundheitlich.. damit geht es mir viel besser.

Oder wie sieht deine Ernaehrung aus?

siehe oben.

Hattest du Probleme mit bestimmten Lebensmitteln?


Wie bekommst du deine Vitamine und Mineralien?

grüne Säfte, Mineralerde, Mineralstoffpräperate wenn die Zähne schmerzen.

Ist du Produkte wie Butter die hoch sind an fettlöslichen Vitaminen?

Ja alle paar wochen Sauerrahmbutter, demeterqualität.

Was für Zahnpflegeprodukte benutzt du?

grüne lehmerde ” maske für die zähne, Lehmerde lutschen, arjuvedische zahnpasta, Spülung mit Rocky Montains

Hast du eine Internetseite wo Leute mehr über dich erfahren können?

Danke für das Interview

gerne sorry for so late
X alias Lilith Milkyway