Hi in the main page you find interviews i do. here you find stories and place in the news and from books and websites.. or stories heard

Jaqui Davidson in “Cancer Winner- How i purged myself from Melanoma”

she have healed and regrow teeth, reported in her ebook.

she had an amazing report on teeth regrow

“Teeth Reactions Early in the therapy, my mouth began to react violently to my metal partial plate and the fillings in my teeth. Perhaps the heat from breathing fever aggravated the situation, but my body hated metal. If I wore my wedding ring for more than an hour, my finger swelled around it. When in a fever or a Gerson reaction, I had to remove my partial plate. I have a molar on the side of my mouth (that my partial plate fits on) that started acting strangely. I felt a great discomfort in the area, and looked at it with a mirror. There was a large chunk of enamel in front of the tooth that looked like another tooth coming in. I showed it to Regina, and she remarked brilliantly, “Oh, Mama, you’re growing an elephant tooth.” Cancer Winner Jaquie Davison 145 During a severe inflammation, the discomfort was so great in that area that I was rubbing the tooth with a paper towel when a large chunk fell off in my hand. It was such a big piece that I was greatly alarmed (during the early stages of this therapy, I lived in a constant state of alarm). I knew that it must have left a big hole. It was Friday evening and I knew I would not be able to see a dentist until Monday. It took me an entire hour to get up the nerve to go look and check the damage. When I looked, I was shocked to find that there was no damage. The old piece had a brown cavity on it and that was apparently pushed off with new enamel. The new enamel was yellow and rough to the touch, but within a week’s time it felt just like the rest of the tooth. I had a tooth below on the same side that began hurting me so badly that I went to the dentist. That tooth had turned black the last time I had it drilled, about five years before. I knew it was just a matter of time until it would have to be pulled. The dentist checked it out and said, “Mrs. Davison, that is a very sound tooth. I can’t pull it.” I went home, looked in the mirror and saw that the tooth was white again, but the body’s repair of it had been very painful. After that reaction was over, it did not hurt again. After a trip out of town one day, Ron picked me up at the airport. I began eating organic apples in the car. It was dark and we were on the way to Ramona. As I bit into one, I felt something that was like a tooth crumbling. I held the apple in my mouth, afraid to move, and could feel several pieces of enamel. When I finally got into the house where I could see in a mirror, I took enough chunks out of my mouth to form a tooth. I found the chunks came from inside my lower front teeth. My teeth were beautifully clean and perfect. It seems that the calcium had built up around them and, with the apple, they had cleansed themselves. After a year and seven months, I could see that my teeth were re-calcifying out from the gum about half way. The teeth that my partial plate fits on were in trouble because they seemed almost transparent. I took my partial out during all healing reactions to allow circulation to those areas. Ron said he expected me to pop my fillings. I would not have been surprised if that happened when my teeth rebuilt all the way out. My gums were healthy and pink. I had a healthy tongue with no cracks and it was never coated since I was constantly detoxifying.”



Another Story


I lived in a raw paleo diet commune called Pangaia in Hawaii a number of years ago. There was an african-american man there who told me that he was amazed that he regrew a whole tooth. As I remember, it was a whole tooth, or almost a whole tooth. I seem to recall him saying it was a tooth that had been removed previously. The diet they were on was 100% raw, including raw beef, raw organs, raw tuna, raw eggs, raw butter, some raw milk, etc. They also drank green celery and veggie juice every day, and raw fresh coconut cream (juicing the coconut meat). I would attribute the tooth growth to a grain-free and pure diet, along with adequate high quality calcium and an almost stress free existence in the jungle of hawaii. I don’t believe a person needs to live in the tropics, however, as tropical fruit is not a cornerstone of such a diet. (…)”



Merrilyn Hope reportet teeth regrowth



just google for it


teeth regrow… there is also other information on it.


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